Proper TV Show

Hey guys!


Just wondering if it would be possible, or if anyone would be willing, to start doing a proper show where we either collect the best bits of the videos and fan art posted, and/or talk about new updates, the polls, etc etc.


Ive done this before for a school project, and it was really awesome, if a bit terrible and badly planned, lol, but the community here seems really active! This would be a great way of getting all the videos and news and such together, into another format.


Views? Opinons? Hate mail? Comments please :smiley:





not sure what it is your trying to do, to be hohnest.


I am presuming some kind of Collage, top videos list ??

I guess so… idk, lol, just an idea I had, like a top 5 kills, etc etc.


Didn’t expect it to go anywhere, just an idea :stuck_out_tongue: