Proper Region Options

I understand that the region search completely disregards your selection in order to reduce waiting times, but i honestly would prefer to wait and maybe alt-tab to do something else instead of being forced to play on a foreign laggy server.

I think an option to region lock OR region prefer would be great for matchmaking. What do you all think?




Currently the matchmaker searches for games in your preferred region for 2 minutes, then bumps you into any region. I would support the idea of locking a region to play in, but unfortunately, the player base is not nearly large enough to support such an option. If the player base were something on the order of 10k or more (active players), then this idea would be possible.


In the current state, I would rather play frequently and possibly get laggy foreign servers than wait 15+ minutes to play a 4 minute game on my preferred server region. 

how do you define “not nearly large enough”?


but yeah i agree, some regions are almost empty, waiting 15min for a game with 4p in each team is simply boring. especially if you loose then or your team went afk…

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