Project Evolution. Green ice


Cryptogram 42H-03.Ash
From : Federation Expeditionary Fleet Security Service
To : Dana Berner, vice-Admiral of the Third Federation Fleet
Subject : Re: Project Evolution
Our spy satellite KH-10 Dorian managed to intercept logs from the Mendes family Security repeater in ‘Leviathan’ zone. I’m attaching a part of the transcript related to the events in blocks RG7 of ‘Ellydium’ station that you’re interested in.

_ Special agent Winter, Federation Expeditionary Fleet Security Service _

PS: Attaching a screencap from ‘Ellydium’ surveillance cameras intercepted along with the log.
00:06:26 AM
The group arrived at Leviathan zone, Object SV17. The passage was conducted under the cover of a standard ‘Ellydium’ cargo barge.
01:15:17 PM
The group is ready to work. Connection to ‘Ellydium’ communication stations established successfully. Access codes received from agent SV002 have opened access to the internal staff network of ‘Ellydium Theta’.
01:16:22 PM
The virus successfully cut through the ice shell of the laboratory perimeter’s protection file. We have before us an infinite blue-green space, among colored spheres located at the nodes of a light blue grate. Between them are bright glowing orange tracks of main information flows connecting huge data sets and ‘Ellydium’ control modules that look like the brightest light cores over the vast city of infospace,  over the diamond glisten of library razor sharp silhouettes.
01:16:37 PM
We have entered the control sphere. Everything around us is cool neon blue, like a frozen glass. We’re running the programs to make changes to the control commands.
01:16:39 PM
Through a scarlet thread running through the ice of the library, we sent a team to crack additional protection installed on the data bank. Five independent monitoring systems are in full confidence that they are working. Three tricky locks are deactivated, but still consider themselves locked. A record appeared in the main database of the library, saying that the data was issued a month ago on a quite lawful order.
01:16:40 PM
Time to get outside. Proceeding with caution, the virus must carefully repair the window.
01:16:41 PM
What is this? Green Ice! Retreat routes are growing back! This is the attack of the defence systems! We have never faced anything like this before! The ice is around us. Exit and evacuate immediately! We’re not gonna make it!
This is where the intercepted log stops. We believe that the Mendes family battle group was destroyed together with object SV17.

I cannot understand if this is in a computer system or in the actual universe. Green ice? Like crystallid ice? Homeworld virus?

Ha… I think this remind me of some book I read long time ago. ICE meant intrusion countermeasures and it was a software protection in that virtual world. Interestingly that book was written long time ago before words like “firewall” became widely used.

Yes. googled it: “Count Zero” by William Gibson 1986.

They entered the grid (tron) xD

Object SV17. Sounds like an SCP!

Shadowrun cyberjockey?

i dont know what happened but i know WHY it happened lol they did not bought mauler to go vs them as we know what happened months ago in sector CORSA TRIAMA they would be better in a mauler ^^] mauler is the ship that survived CORSA TRIAMA )  so betta go for it next year =) 





no just kiddin its cool that you are gonna give us stuff like that mission so we got stuff to do ! but whatever we will get this year please … dont force us to pay for it even if we dont farm enough =( 

sinc DarkMatter


11 hours ago, Shrike221 said:


that looks cool af. finally another “dark sector”, like iridium strand or the source. I love those ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

Interesting, so Jericho doesn’t just watch Ellydium, they also planned a heist, unfortunately they failed, because they didn’t have Sam Fisher to help them or Solid Snake ![:005j:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/005j.png “:005j:”)

Speaking of “green ice”, has anyone else taken a closer look at Base Ellydium area? There are some odd glowing green veins in many of the ice chunks.

1 hour ago, Vohvelielain said:

Speaking of “green ice”, has anyone else taken a closer look at Base Ellydium area? There are some odd glowing green veins in many of the ice chunks.

Sounds like Iridium to me.

Or berry or platinum or any other resources you collect for OS missions. Look strange, but has no direct relation to crystallids.
The picture look like a space dock. Maybe the ‘lost’ shipyard we speculated about a while ago?
Damn! We NEED jumpengines! Would be soooooooooooo cool to jump around in unknown sectors to find our death, glory or something trashy. :smiley:

At least this matrix kinda thing explains why cybers are siding the aliens.