Project 1011 related issues or bugs

Bug report: Rank 17 Empire - Project 1011 ship, issues: 3; separate issues or bugs


  • damage of the main weapon is not scaling with the Disintegrator special module in general

  • Disorient gun 17 main weapon damage is not scaling with the Disintegrator special module, not sure if the alternative module should scale up as well, but it isn’t.

  • Disintegrator booster 17 (CPU modifier) is not scaling with the Remote disintegrator special module - (Disintegrator rate of fire increases by 22,5%.)


All 3 bug reports are already written on both Russian and English Forum.


All of the issues were reported by before public release but were never addressed, months ago, during the testing phase.


This is just a reminder. If there are some problems, let me know. A fresh bug report will be created if necessary.