Problems with the account has disappeared and I have been given a new name with my old name in the game.

Good afternoon.

This morning when I installed the new update of the game, which by the way took a lot, and enter my account I see that I have changed my name in the game by another name that I had previously in this account, not only this my pilot profile was new , as done today when I started playing on August 13, 2016, I lost all the ships and all the personal indices.
Waiting for a solution that you can contribute, you are fired by Bardo player

Now when I try to enter the game I receive this message.

The connection to the server has been lost:
Reason: Your account has a negative deposit of galactic patterns. Get in touch with our technical support team; https; //


Same boat, before this happened I had 220 thousand GS. I demanded to keep it as compensation, for not TESTING this patch. 

[@Snerpes](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/257278-snerpes/) [@Rebardo](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/258749-rebardo/) submit a ticket to support with a screenshot of the wiped profile and note your former nickname (it’s what I did) and they should be able to clear it up for you.

If issue didn’t fixed yet, contact to support please