problem with Zhen aiming


don’t know if it’s a bug, but as it’s only with this ship, this problem happen, i wonder.

I mean about aiming system of Zhen : have a circle and a cross inside, as many, but if i turn, the both dissociates !

and finally if i can aim easy with the circle, the cross is late in compare, and i can’t aim normaly because it’s hard to rejoin both, knowing that i can make dmg and kill, only if both are together, as with all other ships …

if the target face to me, no problem, but if the target is turning, it’s hard to aim.



Geyser is a fixed-forward facing weapon and cannot follow crosshair movements.


Try to ditch top speed mods and build for high rotation/strafe stats. These can help you keep your nose pointed at your target.

ah ok, so, it’s not a bug, it’s normal

thanks for your advises, will do