Problem with the Turrets Type Markers

The turrets firing range frames have totally disappeared unless the ship is in a direct line of sight for the complete turret. Before the last update you could only see the turrets if they were in the direct line of sight. Originally turrets could be seen from any where, and that is the way it should be !!! This makes some of the missions very annoying when you are being killed and you do not know what is shooting you or you believe someone killed then already. I even know where the turrets are located and when firing on them the damage counter does not register until the turret is killed. Now I am wasting shots on turrets that are not there ( already killed ). It is very important to know what targets are available in the game play. Some players quit playing games that have bugs like this after knowing the difference.  THIS IS A GAME BUG . Please repair asap.

Can you be more specific? wich map are we talking about? and would be possible for you to make a screenshot of the bug?


Anything you can add will be gladly welcomed.

After you left squad yesterday we ended up running one Pirate Base PVE and the missile turrets in stage 2 would not show up when not in line of sight even when you toggled to show all markers. I’ll assume the missile and railgun turrets in stage 1 did also not show up but I never pay attention to them. The mission objectives in stage 1 did still show up even when not in line-of-sight though so the problem appears limited to all types of turrets.

The OP is talking about type 2 turrets so I would assume is talking about HMS PVE.

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