Problem with stats



There’s a problem in ship stats, that I think should be fixed or at least pointed out, so there would be no misunderstandings. You know when e.g. your ships speed with afterburners is marked at 410(+35), I always thought that the real speed is 445 and 410 is just the base speed and in (+35) you add up the bonuses and stuff. I tested it and you only go at 410 max, so that (+35) is very misleading.

I admit its slightly misleading but it doesn’t take a genius to work out that this is just extra info. Any stats in green brackets next to main stats when you look at a ship are stats that are due to bonuses such as varying modules and implants that give say 5% extra speed. I admit its not overly clear, but it doesn’t exactly take much to work it out, plus, there are more serious things wrong with the game that need to be sorted out before the look at making things like that clearer.

Its simple: current Stats (+ Bonus of all Modules)