Problem with special tasks "Pirate Treasure"

Hi everyone, after completing level 41 of the current event I got access to a special task “pirate treasure” and I’ve built a treasure map using the datas bought from the store.

The problem is, it tells me to go to the Ontregos system and find the treasure chest, but once I warp to the ontrego pass nothing is appearing on my hud about the treasure.

The game says “the map shows where the treasures are hidden” but it actually does nothing . Am I doing something wrong? Do I need a spatial scanner ?


Ontregos system consists of locations:

  • Imperial Transport Hub

  • Iridium Mines

  • Ontregos Drift

  • Ontregos Pass

  • Station ‘Guardian-17’

  • Tracking Station 

  • Transit Route


I suggest visiting Iridium Mines first. A waypoint marking the treasure will appear when you are in the correct location.

Thanks, I should have checked the map more carefully XD

The treasure was indeed in Iridium Mines.