Problem with reputation gain

I had observed that sometimes the reputation and XP that I had gained in the battles is not puting in the player’s reputation.

I put two screens to shows you the problema. Note that the reputation shown in screen after win the battle and the hangar screen.

The second screenshot was captured immediately after the first one.



They’ve known about this bug for awhile now.

I think it is delayed after battle report told me i hit Rep rank 4 but i could not buy Tier 2 ships since it had not updated right so i had to wait abit then it showed me at Rep 4 and allowed me to buy Tier 2.

that bug was always that

In the screen u see after battle repuration is added 2 times lol

In the first one after a battle shows the reputation that I had gained 711 and shows the total points 4237. In the second screenshot immediately after in the hangar the reputation shows 3526 that exactly 4237 - 711.

Conlusion: the reputation not was added. The same occured with XP.

The problem occur sometimes not always. I have noted that occur when you win a battle and complete some contract during the battle.

I have more screenshots showing the problem.