Problem with Dimeni's contracts


As is normal, Dimeni’s contracts are designed to be completed to a large extent on Thar’Ga. There is a condition included into majority of his quests that says that the quests have to be completed using “a ship of the fraction’s maximum available level”.

I spent a lot of time completing these quests on a level 9 Thar’Ga. During that time, I had an excess of nodes already unlocked, but not activated, potentially able to bring the Thar’Ga’s level from 9 to 12. However, I was not ready to fly on level 12 because there were not enough unlocked nodes for a decent level 12 build and most modules I already had in my posession fit for level 12 were not ranked up. To sum up, I simply could not have a good gaming experience on a Thar’Ga on level 12 (and on most other ships, for same reasons) due to not having a good build.

However, at some point I wanted to test mining Berillium and temporarily upgraded Thar’Ga to its potential rank 12. After I got back to rank 9, I would not be able to complete most of Dimeni’s contracts, because the upgrade to level 12 caused the game to think that now I permanently had a Rank 12 ship rather than a rank 9.

So, I think this is a problem for several reasons:

  1. Technically, upgrading or downgrading the Thar’Ga to a new rank could be seen as selling one ship and buying another. After all, if there is only a level 9 Thar’Ga ship available from the whole faction, logically it should be counted as the max. level available ship from the faction, as it is rank 9 and it is the only ship available. After all, if someone had some rank 9-12 ships from any other factions, and sold all ships of ranks 10-12, and started flying on rank 9’s only, that would be their new maximum available ship. Wouldn’t it?

  2. If 1st point is wrong, there should at least be some warning message that activating nodes that increase the ship’s rank to from its level to any higher level may irreversibly affect quests that have a “ship of maximum available rank” specification.

Overall, I would hope if it was possible at least to reverse the unlocking of ranks 10-12 for Thar’Ga and Ellydium as a whole for me. I am not prepared yet to fly on Rank 12, which I have to do now, as otherwise my progress is slowed.

I agree, elly max rank should be that of the highest current rank alien ship

I have a problem too with Dimeni’s contracts, the mission  ‘‘Destroy or help destroy 10 ship with a ship of the maximum avaliable rank from any side of conflict in a combat slot–reward is xenocristall’’ 
but I can’t complet and he didn’t give me a reward, I try it with all max rank ship’s but nothing… ![:(](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/003j.png “:(”) I really need xenocristalls.