Problem with current scenario

In the third phase of the current scenario the ‘Punisher boss’ I think it is appears. He has crazy hp and does a lot of damage. The problem I am finding is a lot of people are dying during this and sometimes, after some time, there is just one pilot left. This single pilot will then continue to try and kill the boss,which if they dont die, will take FOREVER. Personally I dont find sitting for 20-30 minutes staring at my screen waiting for this one pilot to kill the boss, only to die and have wasted everyone’s time in doing so, very enjoyable.


Should there be some sort of option to vote to quit and lose all rep and money earned??

The idea is that you actually talk to your team and negotiate fittings before you go into battle. The boss is doing only one damage type and therefore very easy to tank.

No, there should be no option to vote to quit. Offer it as an individual choice, not a forced Teamquit because 3 less brain inclined people decided to ignore all hints and warnings. Don’t punish the smart one by allowing the not so smart ones to deny the rewards.


That scenario has two problems that players need to deal with.

Commanders do crazy damage up close. They use pulsar, with a range of 1.400. Solution: Stay the hell outside 1.400 meters. Done. Their laser aim is so bad, even a frigate can dodge it.

The Punisher deals crazy damage to anyone in sight. Solution: Break line of sight when you hear the warning (for some reasont he textmessage is still in russian though). Done. Its laser aim is still as bad as that of the commanders.


I keep writing these things prior to the rounds, people keep ignoring them and die within a couple of very short minutes. I beat the boss regardless and get bitched at for apparently wasting everyones time. No offense but the next time those less brain inclined people will know how to deal with this scenario. Especially after watching folks for 10 minutes upwards, also being told why and how and seeing it first hand. If they still don’t get it after that, they never will. If they want to forfeit everything, can’t they just disconnect and ditch the battle altogether?