Problem regarding certain material drops

So short issue, I’ve been noticing ever since they scrapped upgrade kits that, metal plates and vanadium is extremely rarer than probably intended.

short story, I accidentally deleted all my resources and started back from scratch and noticed that metal plates have been hard to get, even with open space grind only giving me around 3 plates in half an hour.

This problem affects the loot search mostly, where I’m getting only computing chips or graphite most of the time compared to metal plates and vanadium.


Store > My items > Right click on an item > Scrap > Enjoy

yea no ive already been through them

im not spending half a million just for two metal blanks

7 minutes ago, Mauroghen said:

im not spending half a million just for two metal blanks

This single statement completely encompasses the entire market system.

So you don’t want to spend your money? 

Then it’s your problem. 

no im spending my money for better things,  and all im saying is that metal blanks are dropping alot less than other materials, so why are you being a pain about it

The main income of materials is by scrapping items by spending your credits and vouchers on it. 


You can get really easily packs of 10 material, even a bunch of composed materials with it. 

If you don’t want to spend your credits on it it’s your problem. But then don’t complain if it takes time to get some. 

Im saying its unusual how I get crystal shards and computing chips about 3x more than vanadium and metal blanks. I really dont care how long it takes. im just saying its an unusual proportion. especially since computing chips used to be the thing harder to get.

Oh. Then my bad. 

Common resources are easy to get.

Home sectors offer vanadium over 50% in drops and are fairly easy to farm, for everything else see my guides and vids.

I’ll see for that. seems like a good idea. what are the ore names i should look for?

All types of ores. There is no specific node for a specific resource or such.
And the credits are a minor problem as the voucher cost are way higher to get by.

I can help to gather ores how and where etc but aint noone gonna play OS with me so nvm.