Problem: cannot configurate PC game controler properly

I bought a game controller for my PC using Windows 7, and when I want to set all the keys for the controls I can’t. 


In the “Keyboard configuration” menu I can set up the buttons, and in the Joystick settings menu I can set up some of the axis, but not all.


In the Joystick menu I can’t assign the camera movement to any axis, and can’t assign buttons for more than 4 movement. (e.g. I can go forward/backwards, rotate left and right, swipe left and right and head up or down, but can’t turn left or right, and go up and down, because I have two joystick that make 4 axis in total and can’t keys to do the other things and the camera. 


In the keyboard menu I can assign buttons but not axis, and it’s really hard to try to play like this, and without camera and aiming.


Any of both menus recognizes the triggers as accepted keys. 


Just wanted to try the game with a controller as I’ve played with keyboard.


If I’m doing something wrong please tell me, but I really want to try the game with controller. 


The controller is Gioteck VX-2, suitable for PS3 and PC. My PC recognizes all the keys and axis correctly so it’s not that the problem.









[DxDiag.txt](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=9433)


Hello davigochi,


In case you havent noticed when you created your thread, ‘‘Joysticks and Gamepads are not supported at the moment.’’. But, someone else could still have an answer to your problem.

Oh, okay I didn’t know that, sorry and thanks.