Problem after changing faction

Hello every one, I just changed my faction from Federation to Jericho, and then I started the daily missions and so, but I got stuck with the mission called “Space fight 101: Crafting”, just because it asked me to learn to produce a “metal frame”, but I already learned this when I was in Federation, and as I readed, you can’t learn again to manufacture one thing that you already learned before.


So my question is, Is there any way to get rid from this mission in order to get another missions that could help to make some points with my new faction?

afaik, the final goal of mission is to manufacture metal frame or even some kind of ammo. Have you tried to manufacture it once again?

Try remanufacturing one.

Make another one, or there might be a “cancel” button. If not, then I hope the admins will fix that soon!  :00555: