Probability (neodymium, beryllium, ship parts)

I wonder what is the probability of getting neodymium, berillium and ship parts. Because I have many battles with ships level 7,8,10 and 11 (maximum synergy) and i have not won anything… Not only me, but all my friends. Why the probability is so low? I do play for the whole day in PvE, PvP and i get nothing, it’s so annoying… I think that the game would have a certain number of parts in the loot search… Before i used to found in open space lots of neodymium plates with spatial scanner, but i don’t find it anymore.

The probability of neodium plates in open space has been ninja nerfed according to most. In pvp/pve however, the chance is fairly good although it does appear to be lowered considering the amount of items in the trophy loot search right now (credit items, mk2 kits, mk4 kits, blueprints, monocrystals, beryllium, neodium and common resources like silicon for some reason). All I can recommend is to make sure you bring ships of the same rank so as to not lower your chance of neodium or beryllium or ship parts by bringing  a maxed rank 7 with a maxed rank 8 (which fulfils the requirements to get a ship part drop and for neodium, lowering your chance of getting whichever one you wanted more) or a maxed rank 10 and 11, so on so forth.

The game has increasingly nerf the items to build ships and other parts of ships, the search items can open individual or PVP / PVE space, without looking at the balance of the team need.

ya ive been 4 neyo plates shy of destroyer cons for over a month now & I still cant find any. . . . . any clue when the drop rate is gonna go up?

Could any of you use this guide and tell me their findings after a week or two. A simple “it helped/didn’t help” would do, no need to go into drop details.