Prizes for the Arms Race

Prizes for the Arms Race have found their winners!


We remind you that the main aim was to get a Dreadnought ready for battle as fast as possible. Everyone had a chance to win but UMC expanded the winners’ list to the maximum — the first ten corporations received a set of unique prizes.




Behold, the list of winners:

1st place: SCORPIONS,

2nd place: Star Storm,

3rd place: RED Star,

4th place: SIRIUS ,

5th place: VIP,

6th place: Rage,

7th place: MAXHO UA,

8th place: CCCP,

9th place: MARODYOR,



The first top ten corporations received a distinctive mark in their docks and also got a ‘Corporate Path of Fame’.



The top three corporations got a unique opportunity to decorate their dreadnoughts with custom structures of their own design, and they are being developed by corporate engineers.

Pilots of the top two corporations received completely new paint jobs for their ships.



And only the pilots of the top corporation gained access to a unique package of portraits available only to them.

Congratulations to the winners! Bring glory to your corporation in battle!


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