Premium ships

Hi guys,


i have a question. I am on the edge to T3 but everybody is talking about the high amount of repair costs. Because of that and because i like the game very much i thought about investing some money in a premium ship (Nukem 1) to safe the repair costs.

Now the question: Do the premium ships start with t3 mk1 weapons and is it possible to upgrade them to mk3 for example or can i only buy the premium weapons only because its a premium ship? Same question is about the replenishment of ammo? Is it possible to use normal rockets for example or do have to pay cold credits to replenish the ammo?

Thanks in advance.



You can put MK3 items on the premium ship you just need the tech level that is needed for that item.

and what about the ammo, like normal rockets? do they take cold credits to replenish?

same as above

ok, thanks…

thats good, someone told me to replenish u have to spend gold coins…

so, i think its time to invest some money…

maybe someone has the nukem 1 and can give me a little “review”… :yes_yes: