Premium Ships Free Duplicator and slots gone????

In pve or open space when you died in a premium ship you got one respawn for free. Now that is no longer the case.


I have also noticed I have less slots to carry things in open space. I am guessing this is to force us to buy extended hulls.

 It sucks the premium ships are nerfed in this regard. Also the mailing drone are not spawning as fast as they used to. 






I rarely farm open space, because the loot is garbage most of the time.The loot in open space has been a joke for about a year. 

In open space I have been using a non premium ship for the longest, and same for pve.

Recently I switched back to using mostly premiums, because I am almost out of duplicators. I had over 500 at one point, but now I am at 20 or so. :frowning:


Considering how expensive these premium ships are I don’t think it is right to take away content that was paid for.

There is no point in using a premium ship in open space or pve with these features gone.

Most of the standard ships can me built a lot stronger.

I agree, but what can we do?! You can only get away, when nothing gets done or if they refuse to listen.

Publisher and commercial department thinks, that they know what is better for the game, than we do.

I feel sorry for the developers… to some degree.



I agree with the Duplicator thing. Bonus should also apply for PvE, but I am not sure, if it did count in the past.


As for the +2 spots for Premium ship slots. What changed? Isn’t everything the same, like it used to be?

I just wish that the free duplicator could be used to freely return to dock with cargo, but instead it uses up an actual duplicator…

Slots haven’t changed, you still have your +2 slots. Are you sure you weren’t flying a non-premium ship?