Premium Ships do not come with Special Modules or Special Weaponry

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I bought a whole bunch of boxes with premium currency to get the Brokk, predominantly because I think the weapon system on it is neat.
However, after purchasing the ship, it does not have the WL-13 Emitter on it.
To clarify, what the Brokk should have on it is the WL13 Emitter,  The Brokk has its own special weapon, of which the white version should have come standard on the ship - but didn’t. It was empty, no weapon at all.
I also did not receive the “Entropy Generator” on the Stingray. This is another special item for this specific ship. 
I think that purchases of ships that require lockboxes to get, are currently broken. 

I purchased the NY18.  It is missing all special modules.  I don’t have access to them at all.


Refer to:


Active module ‘Dome’ MDS

When activated, hacks enemy missiles flying to your ship. At the same time, some of them are redirected to the current locked target.

Active module ‘Redeployment mechanism’

The ship changes positions with the enemy visible on the radar.

Active module ‘Energy systems destabilizer’

All opponents in range lose the ability to restore energy.

With 1.5.1 most of the items that were available for credits can now be found only in open space, in order to know where to find them use the atlas, or refer to my [guide](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/36221-new-basic-os-guide/&tab=comments#comment-421322), it usually doesn’t take too long to get and you can find some other nice stuff on your way there, the enemies are not that tough.

So, we aren’t going to address the fact that there is no disclaimer on the ships advertisement page saying that they do not come with any special modules or weaponry?


That in fact, they specifically advertise that these ships have special, unique modules/weapons.


I spent money to obtain the advertised product.   This MUST be an error.  If not, I want my money back - every penny.