premium ship can't respawn twice.

So, what was the point of a premium ship if it can’t respawn twice, even in other sectors?


Once isn’t enough? You sound like my Ex  :00777:

Regular ships can’t even respawn once. 2 seems like an arbitrary number anyway. Why not 50? Gaijin is trying to give balance to the premium ships so this game doesn’t become P2W. 2 is completely fair in addition to all the other bonuses of prem ships. None of your screenshots in any of your posts appear btw. Try uploading to imgur or photobuck first.

Also we can’t see the screenshots :frowning:

If premium ships would have multiple respawns, they would be really unfair compared to credit ships.

The error dialog says if I had a premium ship I could respawn, while flying my premium ship. You can respawn countless times in groups. I bought this ship with that in mind.