Premium notification text stacks over or overlaps each other!

Bug report: (Text overlap)


Premium/Unique ship notifications in Globat chat or top left bottom of the screen is not properly displayed. Text from multiple users who craft or buy a ship, will be stacked over each other.

If you open the Global chat interface, then text notifications there will be displayed normally and easily readable.

There is also an issue with some text going to the next line instead of staying on the same line or on the same row. This bug got introduced with 1.4.5 update.


Time stamps: (around 20:27+ or 08:27+PM)


Screenshots: (overlapped text)



Normal text:



You can also see that some text is not just in one line, but it goes to the next one below, it’s not on the same row!




[2017.07.03 18.54.55 -](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=14781)