Predetor ??

I am well awere of the milions of post about os predetor loot and ideas complaining as well as the upcoming update to os or something about a new mod seperet from os ?? huh ?? also plz write in my post currently I am working night shift 12 hours a day for the whole mouth so I dont have time to chek all of the posts and peoples sugestions


Either way sorry about my complaining arss but I just dont get it yesterday I was doing my os daily mono run wich to add the reward 1 mono like really i could not build my r14 dess becouse I was short on mono

but anyway ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”) gona do it alot got osd. So I was flying trough some maps doing daily picing up mystery containers getting 3 bluprints 1m credit loot and 2 berylium when all of the sudden I entared a sector with 15 Predetors and a Defiler from the gate not 2 sec i went boom 

my point being not only you have a hard time 2 kill predetors with dess but now as they are in every map and are 2,3 ,5 ,15 of them near each other with other alien and piret crap you cant even fly or loot the sector even with tackler as soon as your inv go out you get puffed in 0,00001 sec


or the more strange thing that happend was me in my tackler while being invinc looting a MC and from nowhere a wild predetor appered raming me and braking my invinc then killing me like wtf then he got stuck on the structer wher the MS was…


Just shering these storys for laghfs and gigles but really nurf predetors increse the loot give some new mission and objectives more interactions with npc or even trading with players just dont get what the big deel is you could have done in mouths ago maybe years insted of forcing us to play rank 7/8/11 wich you dont get bery and neo and mono that offten (yes even with 4 max syn ships i tried) there are many os lovers i hope with the upcoming patch of OS next year that the game devs wont scru up

and not any of the suggestions that people make wont make you lose money your doings are making you lose money and playerbase just my opinion I wonder why so many empires went down ?? oh there is a think called peoples voice


Have a gread day sorry for the complain might be a litle harsh but I just came from work and a litle angry

OK not I am really mad just loged in to see whats up guess what Destroy the predeotr in solaris something The same map where there are 15 predetors and dfire … rly and you need a specific one i gues your trolling me just as soon as i opend my mouth


Update!! found 3 neo not inpure xD got 50 hp almost died cant kill the predetor being chased by everyting but i manged 2 return the neo via drone


Predators are not hard to kill, just a little tedious sometimes. I fly R15 tackler with singularity and I don’t even have hull repair. Missions “kill predator in x” spawning specific predator that has ~60% of HP of the current predators on the map, however the sheer number of aliens in Solaris Wasteland makes the mission difficult. One of the tactics is to take empire lrf with ~10k range sensor and rev thrusters, stay above the plane of the sector (aliens have detection range of ~9km), provoke the one you need with disintegrator, he will fly to your place, when he is ~4km, cloak, RT and finish him. Another one (and it’s general easy tactic) is to kite the pred with tackler to some structures, asteroids, where he  will be busy finding his path and you will be busy taking his hull down. Regarding invisibility and aliens - they will always go to the last place where they’ve seen you. So if you cloak and stay in place - they will ram you. Easy as that. Drop a drone, turn back, cloak. They will not see you, they will see your drone and will switch target to the drone. However in Solaris Wasteland it’s more a run for your life tactic, cause then the map looks like this:


After which you can fly away to other sectors and try again. Also as you  can see there are no 15 predators on the map ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

The last function is “cancel” - yes you can cancel one OS mission a day and get another one in it’s place. Highly recommended for “escort transpot in Vanguard Outpost” or if you don’t have time “kill predator in Solaris Wasteland”

Solaris… best place ever x)

How I done the predator in Solaris Wasteland(THIS SECTOR NEED A BLACKHOLE DISASTER FOREVER!!!): With tackler/gunship.
Tactic: Cruise + drone/firestorm.
You attract him(you WILL hear the sound if the aggro you), fly away and be at ~5.2km distance to this target. You wait a little as he remain on your ‘last position’ standing for seeing a sign of you. Instantly he lose the aggro of you, you run into him, fire at him+missiles/drone and run away as soon he again aggro you. You do this a few times and kill him so slowly. Without the other 81257 aliens in this sector(you may drag him twice times away from the ‘map’ to be sure none of the other aliens notice you too). I wouldn’t fly with slow things(especially dessy) into Solaris Wasteland.

I do the mission with my lovely Aura. I go high up the sky, where the stars shine so bright, as to avoid being spotted by other aliens. The pred hangs around the corner of the map, so I can safely lower me ship down to his hideous levels from the outer side and then forget all about his preddamageness and go full torrero with me lazers and doomsdays. I run him down to half hp and then I die miserably, the wretched thing I am, so I reconstruct and repeat the process, bringing him to meet his ancestors.


Hope this helps.