Pre CBT Update v0.4.0

Star Conflict CBT v0.4.0

Update March 28th

CBT features

* In this version “Empire: Legion” ships are available only.

* For those taking part it the game from 16 to 22 (GMT+4): For Victory you receive 30 std. For the defeat - 10 std.

* Every week all the players issued a sum equal to the cost of a weekly extended license.

General Changes

* New location “Tar. Ancient ruins.”

* Small-sized objects (debris, small fragments of asteroids) can now be pushed

* Training battle is available to holders of an extended license only

* Duration of pumping is increased to the correct game values, test raising rates are off

Fighters : Common

* In case of early withdrawal from the battle, ships that participated in it became locked in a hangar till the end of the battle

* Each ship can be purchased in a single copy only

* Battle slots are now specialized in classes of ships. Universal is the 4 slot only.

* Battle slots are now available when reaching a certain rank in the selected fraction only

Fighters : Attackers

* Afterburner engines now may be used in stealth mode

* Greatly reduced detection range of attacker in stealth mode

* Increased strength of the body and stock sheets at 5%

* Increased resistance of the body and shield to all types of damage

Fighters : Frigates

* Slightly reduced the efficiency of weapons in the turret mode

* The strength of the body is reduced by 5%, margin of the shield is reduced by 10%

Weaponry and modules : General

* Lock-on system stops tracking a target that has moved beyond its action

* Removed unnecessary modules

Weaponry and modules : Laser

* Improved laser sighting system, improved accuracy

Weaponry and modules : Combat modules

* Under the action on the same target (s) by modules of the same type but of varying power only effect a more powerful module is used

* Bug of “Weakness Analyzer” module is fixed

* Reduced power of ‘Sunhammer’ module

* Repairing modules now have identical recharge time (cooldown)

* Increased power of “Energy Absorber”, duration lowered

* Increased efficiency of “Sunshade” System, power consumption reduced

* Added “Remote restoring” module, repairing most injured team-mate in the range of your actions

* Added “Remote shield regen” module, restoring the shield of most injured team-mate within in the range of your actions

* Added “Force shield renew” module, directing all the energy to maintain spaceship shield

* “Anomaly Generator” does more damage

* “Shield Generator” abd “Remote Repair Drones” - efficiency increased

* Fixed performance of “Fast Missile Racks”

* Reduced energy consumption for “Target destinator” module

* New effects in Electronic warfare

Game balance : General

* Increased the amount of given experience points

Game modes : General

* The duration of the match increased to 12 minutes

* Increased time required to capture beacons

Bugs fixed

* Fixed a bug in the calculation of damage in collisions

* Fixed bugs in the tech tree