Powerful Sibyl!!!

Today I will tell you, how to uplift the powerful destroyer in my opinion “Sibyl”.


A huge fire power is an advantage of this type of construction and almost as the substantial amount of points of the experience. Almost for the fact that the reverence of nests is aimed at increasing the quantity of energy and her restoration.


Weaknesses are partly tuples reach and small speed.


And now a bit of a statistician.



Engines: 0

Condensers: 3

Shield: 3

Body 3

Computers: 0


General statistics:



Modifiers of ships:













Battle modules:




The module is very useful to smaller vessels of the enemy.




The weapon and the ammunition:




Additional equipment / Rockets:


If the attack by hostile ships grows closer more or less from one side, the static shield will generate the effect of surviving, adding additional 200 000 ptk/ 30s. The static shield is also useful for the defence against snipers and ships about the reach greater than 5500m.


Special module:



Of offending for destroyers during the attack.


Standard attack by the weapon and battle modules: 527902 / 30 sec.

With the critical bonus: 543448 / 30 sec.

Standard attack by the weapon and battle modules with adjusting the special module to injuries (+ 12% of injuries from the weapon): 546557 / 30 sec.

With the critical bonus and adjusting the special module to injuries (+ 12% of injuries from the weapon): 562103 / 30 sec.


Of offending for remaining ships.


Standard attack by the weapon and battle modules: 513472 / 30 sec.

With the critical bonus: 529018 / 30 sec.

Standard attack by the weapon and battle modules with adjusting the special module to injuries (+ 12% of injuries from the weapon): 532127 / 30 sec.

With the critical bonus and adjusting the special module to injuries (+ 12% of injuries from the weapon): 547673 / 30 sec.


In the end I will remind that above the injury only during the 100% accuracies are enumerated, I would like also to recall that they can be reduced by systems which battle modules are weakening or modules special. The amount of inflicted injuries also depends on modifiers used by the hostile ship, and injuries can grow or much reduce.


And at the end of the team settings.


Okay so just as a slight disclaimer - I realise this is a PvE centred build seeing as overall there are many downfalls if it were to be a PvP oriented build (what I’m used to running).


One of the largest flaws I can see in this setup, even just at a glance - is your halos are literally the slowest they can possibly go. In PvE the moment an enemy receives any form of damage they will attempt to manuover out of the way. This means that the moment the halo’s radiation reaches the target it will immediately move out of the way. In turn this means that your halos won’t be connecting with the vast majority of PvE enemies as they are all typically mobile with the exception of the obvious sniper units of Defence Contract and Fire Support. 

Unfortunately with Sibyl there isn’t really much means of a way to boost projectile speed without sacrificing the bonus damage of the supernova deflector as the only way for a Sibyl to boost it’s halo projectile speed is via the booster circuit and the J6 implant.


A more personal flaw through observation; one which I don’t think would bother many others; would be the use of duplicate negative modifiers, as the manouverability of the ship overall would be comparable to that of a Cargo ship than a frigate which Destroyers used to compete with for mobility (mobility buff when). The use of double armour plated hull in particular would come at a massive downfall even in PvE since it would mean that the ship would barely be able to keep pace with a standard cargo ship and be outrun completely by an enhanced cargo ship. Potentially swapping out one or both armour plated hulls for reinforced beams could be beneficial but that also brings me to my next point.


Capacity tanking with Destroyers doesn’t work.


It is possible to capacity tank with a frigate effectively when accompanied by a waz’got but thanks to the damage modifiers that Destroyers suffer from even a waz’got will be able to heal you adequately without sacrificing most of the battle to commit to healing you and you alone.


Other than those the module setup is okay since I know wormhole projector is a pain in the xxxx to get a hold of now, implants seem good and shield tanking almost puts Destroyers at a disadvantage now thanks to the ELRF buffs - even in PvE.


the ship is mainly built under PVP and proven in a small number of ships, it is capable of destroying it itself for testing against another niche even in class 14 where in around 10-20s it was able to move hp to zero. proven in many cases during PvP only massive attack above 4 enemy ships can start to give combat signs if someone can use it in 100% this configuration will happen to him suspend. And as for PvE calmly deals in all missions usually when I play my ship falls as the last in the team of course, this configuration is for players who prefer a quiet strategic game is not a configuration for aggressive game but it can blow up even 8 men team alone, even when the enemy is experienced :stuck_out_tongue:


And as I wrote the disadvantages are speed and range, but that’s what it was to focus on the energy of immunity and images so if someone can maneuver the modules and manage energy, even in the worst possible pvp you can blow up to 20 players without counting and practically no enemy will even reach the hull: I recommend checking this configuration to anyone who likes to be mastered and to do so for the team to calmly knock out enemies ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

Sorry, but this build is not great for pvp:

First of all, your halo charges are so damn slow (1155 m/s) which means at a range you want to operate, the charge will take 3-4 full seconds, to reach it’s destination… literally everything can evade that.


Then you use double Splitter and adaptive shield… which is a good thought… stay mobile, get resistances and have a lot of hp, but you didn’t bother to fill the natural EM hole every shield has by default, meaning things like Dag’nith, Front Blaster, Singularity cannon will rip right through your shield.


Your hull setup is probably the least optimal thing with your entire build… 2x Armor plated hull gives a lot of hp, at the price of your manouverability, using it twice isn’t a good idea, as the HP each piece gives will be reduced by 10% but the mobility decrease won’t. And with the passive hull, you just have a bunch of hitpoints, which mean almost nothing, because there are no resistances whatsoever… Any weapon with explosive projectiles will bring you down quickly… and if you really think your Jericho ship should be hull tanky aswell, i’d advice go for less hp and more resistances paired with repair drones…


Special module and Active mods are choosen well… Shield regen is what you want on a jericho ship, and the four actives are just overall good modules.

I would personally just install the 7c crew. That frees up 4 (FOUR!) more slots to increase your damage output, regeneration or range.

Stacking up energy isnt really all that necessary for a jericho destroyer.


As for the Shields, try to replace one of the splitters with an em diffusor. This is important since a lot of EM weapons are focused on hitting slow things hard with explosive damage (Halo, Torps, Singularity, Anomaly Generator, etc).


As for the hull, i believe a single crystal plate is enough for emergencies. You should disengage and recharge as soon as your shield starts failing anyways.


And now the weapon choice. Whatever ship I fly, I always found the Halo Launcher to be the most harmless weapon on destroyers. Here the bullet speed is so slow, that most ships could just ignore you all together. This is exactly the opposite of what a ‘suppressor class’ should be.


For the Sybil, I highly recommend the Meson emitter, as it doesnt depend on the kinetic/em control bonus. Free up some slots (mostly the capacitor and hull slots) and use that to reduce its spread with cpu slots instead. The remaining slots can either be used for additional dps, range or shield regeneration.


Adding the Multiphase Shield to your active modules gives your survivability a huge boost aswell.


Just my two cents, do with it what you want ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)


It’s before anyone says that this configuration is not good at pvp, I recommend first to build such configurations it costs only 3 m to expose it and recommend several missions on pvp 90% pvp missions this ship is won for me and almost 95% is in the first 3 best results in the match before you start talking with this configuration is bad, the first one is good and do not focus on the main weapon because the main part of this project are combat modules and modifiers which can already ask about 300k-380k / 30s and main weapons can be changed for whatever I prefer, I need to fire the launcher because I can play very well even if it is free from experience I know that most players on PvP do not pay attention to avoiding missiles focus on the attack which is in favor of this configuration and the amount of energy is needed for active use static barrier and static emitter that are really energy-consuming


The second thing is that you write to me about different combinations to increase the speed to increase immunity but honestly I tested all the variations and if you reduce the hp for resistance, the ship falls twice faster the same will be when I focus on the immunity I know the ship has disadvantages but they are defects acceptable for me, tell me about the emitter of specifics who bypasses the shields but I have to be aware that this is a very slow weapon and I know that even if I am attacked by a player with it, the pyro-emitter and photon emitter will take a shot at once before I reach it and if I play I try to hold enemies on one side in the possibility of speed, I do not need it because the ship is not meant to be mobile is to be a sciama who does the tanker is to focus on the enemy’s powerful fire to ask as much as possible damage, for example, the situation today 6 nurses focused in the group was destroyed without the use of a launcher but only the battle modules alone within 20 seconds, players like this They annoyed me with just 6 full series of launchers storm destroyed me so I think that this configuration has its advantages and bonuses, it is not to be balanced, it has to be so that survive a massive attack and destroy mainly frigates and low-wasters but with small ships coping the only bigger problem it is a plasma arc, but this is the problem of an empty destroyer :stuck_out_tongue:

I still have troubles believing that you can harm any semi competent fighter/interceptor player ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”)


Just remember that you never fight yourself, you always have a team so if you have a problem, there is a team to help in situations without solution: P destroyer is a fire support class the main task of this class is to confuse the ranks so that you do not have a moment of free breathing and destroying the frigates of snipers and other destroyers: P will take to the team, for example, 2 medics and blockers blocking, and practically there is no bigger trouble with any opponent: P tested during a 10 minute match where the opposing team was massacred by a fireman and blocked by 3 other players in a team that the enemy could not approach the destroyer


So to speak, as at the beginning I wrote this is only my way to the destroyer and I do not say the others are bad but I play this already for about half a year and I have never failed me, of course I also do not say that it is indestructible but it really works well if someone likes heavy game style becoming in a strategic position for the team and giving her an enormous strength of fire creating a kind of fire wall that does a lot of problems enemy ship during the fight ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)