Power and Defence level bonus



I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but I want to confirm one way or the other.


My power level is 50.  My defence level is also 50.  But I only get 164% bonus for power and 326% bonus for defense.  Why is there such a huge difference in bonus for the same level?  A corp mate says he has level 168 power and the bonus is 2200%.  Each time I upgrade the level, the power bonus only increases by 5%.  If this continues, at level 60, my power bonus will be 214%.   If I then upgrade to level 160, the only way I would get 2200% power bonus would be for each level to provide 20% increase.  I somehow doubt this would happen.   So, how does this leveling of the power level vs. bonus work?  Am I doing it wrong?  I don’t want to continue upgrading if I’m doing it wrong.  Could someone explain this?


Thank you.




The 2% damage bonus you get with each level is calculated from base damage AND previous bonus value.

So if you have 164% bonus then when you upgrade you get 2% from (100%(base)+164%). 2% from 264 is ~5% more. If you have 2200% bonus then 2% from 2300(base 100% + bonus 2200%)) is 46% more, so upgrading at this bonus value gives you 46% total more damage. Each upgrade in the end gives you more than previous one.

Defense is 3% each level to it increases quicker.

Thank you for the explanation.  I created a spreadsheet and the numbers do come out to what you have described.  Though, at power level 168, the bonus should be around 2600%, instead of 2200%.  My corp mate may have misremembered.