potential solution to seed chip farming

So i come to realise that during the free hunter days. (aka when seed chips first launched) we would get these awesome dmg chips that would increase our efficency to kill ai ships and ofc the aliens. Then the aliens get replaced with the Enclave and the addition of defensive chips (idk who’s idea it was to add “Defensive” stats to seed chips.) in every typical fashion these seed chips drop on rng and their stats also being rng. Sometimes if i want a dmg chip i just get oofed and get a fully defensive chip instead, i spend hours on omega station so see if i can get anything remotely good but no, rng not in my favour as always, so heres my solution. since we have the enclave sectors wich are riddled with pirates let the specific maps act like a certain factory that builds each of their special chips meaning. allow seed chips to drop specific attributes on each of the maps we currently have, lets say dreamland can drop thermal, raw dmg and crit chance. stockade drops shield regen,volume or just resistance. dedicating certain attributes to certain of the systems will relieve alot of the repetetive grind. ofc the current drop rates are very high on containers so to balance it out so that everyone doesnt get it in like a few minutes of farming make the containers drop more rarely and allow the other containers like the pieces of equipment and the space debris be the same.

How about we get all types of invasions all over the place with each having their set of seed-chip drops?

Counterpoint to main idea - having certain sectors dedicated  to certain stats will just result in everyone and their mother being in the same sector.
Alternative idea:

Add a rotating set of primary stats to individual Enclave sectors (say, 4 random seed chip stats) that are guaranteed to roll at least one on every seed chip drop

(Pgod drops should be exempt from this)

At the same time however, re-add crystallid bases/invasion units to alien sectors like Alien Zone, Inverter, Leviathan Catacombs.
These sectors have little to no purpose in the current version of the game - so this should give them some activity whilst still retaining some form of risk due to high damage NPCs and PvE mode disabled.


4 hours ago, CMDshephardN7 said:

idk who’s idea it was to add “Defensive” stats to seed chips.

It was a long requested addition actually

Excellent point. 

Setting certain sectors with specific drops would be very boring. And I bet it would create super-crowds of say, thermal damage farmers.

And why do chips increase the shields only? Most of the ships are hull-fitted. Some Jericho included. Not to mention the dessies, except Tyrant of course.


Related to this, why can’t we have GS and non-GS chips in store permanently? I am almost capped on cash and have n.o.t.h.i.n.g to spend it on ![:(](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/003j.png “:(”)

Same for GS chips - they could have increased damage types, or features, but you could buy them anytime, knowing exactly what you are looking for. With discounts sometimes, yes. ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)  There was recently a pack with a space scanner, extra-hull and some chips. But why not sell chips separately and improve the offer by a lot? Thumbs up for the 2 chip-packs included in the passes. But that’s also a lot of grind …