potential issue with profile synchronization to test servers

I spoke about this before.


You go to Options, Account and then you click or press Synchronize command, which will synchronize your profile to the test server.

Upon synchronization, a 24 hour cooldown will be given and you’re unable to re-synchronize during that period!

You’re also unable to synchronize, when the test server is OFFLINE.


Potential bug:

Problem is, that I tried with another synchronization after the cooldown period and when status of the test server was set to ONLINE.

I was unable to synchronize, because the command was greyed-out/unavailable. I also got [error] message shown!






Notice: This issue is not only related to me. I got other people having the exact same problem, like stuck synchronization message, even after the cooldown period expired.



Request: I request, that you enable the test server again, just to see, if the error message will disappear or not. The problem is, that when the server was online, it didn’t, but that was a patch or two ago.

Please wait until the next testing period in order to reproduce this bug.

Please wait until the next testing period in order to reproduce this bug.

I will, but I can’t reproduce it, because it already occurred once.

I am stuck with this error message and I can’t do anything, unless if it gets a patch or something.

Okay, I can’t find my new post in the Public Test section.

Please, verify my issue with the error message.

As you can see, even when Server is online, I can’t synchronize my profile. I am using the old one, which is vastly outdated.