Post your shortest game here.

We all love PvP, how about we show our love by showing how good we are at it! By winning games shorter than we can come up with a tactic! 

I’m first, ever heard of Blitzkrieg? How about KUGELBLITZKRIEG?!





The explanation is simple, the enemy captain was a Tai’Kin without the ESS(Emergency Stasis System), so he warped into some obstacle and died before his team could spawn, so we won by default, I wanna see you think Tai’Kin is OP now! Checkmate Atheists!


My shortest match was 1 second in Detonation. Loot not found afterwards.

The shortest game played is the one you dont play. 


Probably I should specify that joining games in-progress don’t count, just to make it a little more spicy, but feel free thrown those in anyway…

Mines only the time it takes to capture a beacon solo. Team of Taikins. All jump to different beacons and one shot drones with super splosion bubble then cap.


0s, didn’t even get to select ship, heard a ding and go right to result screen.

That’s the record that cannot be beaten. Only matched. Hats off to you!

0:00 in tournament because game crashed onesidely for my entire team simultaneusly right after loading screen.

Once the match ended in the countdown before I could even launch, does that count as -10 seconds? :wink: