Possible to have twice the same module?

Pretty straight forward question, if I equip twice the target painter, can I use both or do they stack their power?


I went in-game fitted with 2 target painter, when activating the first, the second became grayed so I couldn’t activate it. However, when the first one was disabled, both would have the cooldown like if they worked together.


So does it work or not? Thanks.

I’ve been thinking the same about the passive modules. If i put to battle scanner (25% reduction on spread), i have 50% reduction?

I’ve been thinking the same about the passive modules. If i put to battle scanner (25% reduction on spread), i have 50% reduction?


That should be reflected in the attributes if you do try it.  So if the gun has a spread of 2.4, then adding one 25% reduction should decrease by 0.6 and two then should offer 1.2 reduction, green text.

It is possible, however, with active modules, if you have multiples of the same module they share a global cooldown. I am not sure about passive modules.


I thought I had the bright idea to go and equip 3 pulsar mods to my frigate and would be destroying smaller ships left and right when they tried to harrass me, but it was a no go.

What does it mean when a ship’s modules in the ship tree show x2 or x3 in the module when you shift look at the details?

the x2 or x3 (at t4 it’s around x4) states the number of module slots


example: my imperial phobos aura t2-2 has 3 active modules and 2 passive modules…the slot for the active modules is marked x3 and the one for the passive modules x2


to the original question:


passive modules stack in the effect


if there are multiple active modules (like the hull repair support module) the strongest one will count…


if you use two hull repairs for your own ship t2-mk1 and t2-mk3 they share the cooldown of the modules which was activated first…

To answer the question


Active modules share the same cool down, so you can equip two, but upon activation of one, the second will enter cool down.

Ship Mods (Shield, Energy, etc) Stack with passives

all passives stack unlimited amounts of time, Except with Rate of fire mods, Which stack up to 3.

Please note, there is internal mechanical caps. Like 300 Rate of fire for example, so some times stacking the same is not worth it.


In general tanking stats are the best to stack.

What about weapon mods? I assumed that they stack as well, but I noticed during my first match with them that I had to select one mod at a time.

no you cannot stack weapon mods…you select a mod at a time by pressing F1-F3 (default)

I tried at T2 to stack hull Thermal resists against you know whats. Didn’t work, it even took the lowest instead of the highest lol. 104 resist on hull with thermal type 1 and 2, 108 with the type 2 only.

25 % + 25% is 56 %

not 50%


Just saying



And no, you can’t stack up modules, as Uhmari told you.