possible event?

I was thinking, as we know that the giant alien ship is really strong. 



I was wondering if there could be an event where the event can hold 64 players in one match in one team to take out this big alien ship (with it made a bit stronger) and for a reward it will be a ship skin that you can forever have but can only get it for this one time event


When the event is over you could patch the game back to what it was or if you think having a 32v32 ship mode would be nice to have if the servers could handle it that is…sooo yea…it would be awesome for this to happen


Due to technical limitations this is not possible and we already have a big PVE mode with a strong alien ship.

one can dream of 32x32 space battles… one can dream lol

you are already able to beat it with a dozen player in Invasion too.

But there is nearby no reward or loot :frowning:


If you want to meet him regulary face him at Spec Ops.