Poor description, along with many missing commas!

Bug report (text issues and general improvements)



Waz’Got battle station:





Mistakes and all the necessary corrections or description improvements that are needed:

Enery - correction: Energy (misspelled)

On activation - correction: On activation, (added comma)

a battle laser - correction: a battle laser, (added comma)

Then it’s gradually improved. - correction: It’s gradually upgradable. (improved description)

At each stage - correction: At each stage, (added comma)

Away from the owner -  correction: Away from the owner, (added comma)

damage resistance - correction: module that adds 35 pts. to all known resistances (improved description)

Stage 1. Weapons - correction: Stage 1: Weapons (added colon)

Stage 2. Alpha module - correction: Stage 2: Alpha module (added colon)