[POLL] What You Want Done Next

Quick poll to gauge what players want devs to focus on improving next.


New content includes ships, ship customisation, custom stickers etc what have yous

Healing involves reworking the healing mechanic, doing away with it altogether or any other alternative

Ship Tree improvements of the structure or progress through the different paths, generally making it more sensible

Progress specifically progress speed in trying to reach and sustainably play in higher tiers plus getting your hands on blue modules

Campaign Map is the bigger picture game of Mighty Kings and Sector Tyrants, Nobles and Lords eh wait wrong game. Or is it ?


If you have other things in mind that you believe Dev should prioritize on post them up here and I’ll add it to the poll options

Progress/ship tree is for me about equal…Bit ship tree is slightly more important.

I would like to see campaing missions or something like that, and I would also love to customize my ship. Something like changing the color, but also something like making your own stickers or changing the position of the weapons (but you couldnt make a way that the weapons would have better accuracy, like stacking them together closely), I don’t know. I would also like to see new ships, or making every faction buy every ship but being them more limited. What I mean si that, for example, Jerico would have 1 engi 1 gunship and 1 covert op in every tier, just 1, I don’t know, I know every faction has his unique ships but I would love to ride a Jerico Gunship or a Fed Long Range :slight_smile:

Dreadnoughts, Cyber Cookies, Dreadnoughts and Dreadnoughts!


Did i mention Dreadnoughts?



Progress speed.


It’s going at snail pace and it’s more annoying than a 6 yo girl going “Why? Why? Why?” over and over again.

interesting trend. 12 hour bump. so many views too little votes. it’s anonymous ppl.


added “I dont care” option