poll votes?

maybe the devs already considered this but i wanted to put it out there as well.


a pole asking which tier people find the most fun when the vast majority of people have only played t1 and t2 is really not gonna get a answer which reflect what they are asking for.


maybe at the minimum unlock the tiers and allow people to test them out before doing such a poll would give a more realistic look at it?


just my thoughts on this

Well that would kind-of ruin the fun of unlocking things, wouldn’t it?

I think those polls are fine, since there’s not that much of a difference between T2 and T3 as far I can tell.

Also trust me, I got the Elite Pilot pack and suddenly I could move on from T1 to T3, which takes away the fun of achieving things.
After a good week of playing or so you’ll have T3 unlocked anyway.