Pointless, vague and lacking direction

Hi all, I absolutely love this game.


I have a couple of suggestions that have come up before, but I feel need reiterating.


  1. I feel that this game almost demands a plain old team death match and general death match! The only argument against either that I can think of is, that everyone will flock to at least the former and leave the (in my opinion) excellent objective based matches completely barren or, we may find only the most elite competing on the latter (who doesn’t want this?).


  1. While a story mode would involve more of a budget, recent well publicised “re-releases” (ie. shadowrun returns (bear in mind my limited experience with such games)) have proven that even adventures sans voice actors can still be both compelling and, most importantly, “fun”. It would be great to take part in a tale that pits you against pve enemy factions while weaving an awesome story and developing characters from all 3 warring races.


My very brief thoughts while thoroughly enjoying what this game currently offers (and this does need emphasizing) for free! :smiley:



Well… this is a lobby-based space shooter so the lack of a storyline doesn’t bother me. But yes, a campaign mode would be pretty sweet. This mode could also include more variety in the game. I used to play an old game (can’t quite remember the name of it) and it’s a shooter game similar to SC. One of the campaign matches allows you to take control of a ground turret, so you’re shooting at enemy planes with an anti-air turret instead of another plane.


As for death matches… I do prefer objective-based matches as it allows for less combat oriented ships to shine. I know the recon is pretty good for hit-and-run attacks, but nonetheless it’s the best ship for beacon capturing and scouting.

A campaign would be fun. I think most of it would need to be co-op as the game isn’t really meant to be solo. Also, the AI is lacking–though they sure do have a good aim…