Poetry Thread

Good Memories


A nice first date, a kiss goodnight

Some encores next to make things right

A knee bent down, a stone in hand

A spotlight dance, a wedding band

Aurum scarce and meant for kings

Sunset mane and expensive things

Scottish castles and golden days

Glory years with heads of gray

Rainy days and walks in mist

Pitch black swims with lips pressed fit

An open future, with hearts sown, sutured

But with certainty and our heads matured


To turn back time

And alter a course

To deal out slow

And lessen the force

To mere pleasantries

And maintain a house

That’s only filled
Of good memories.


TLDR late night mumbo jumbo

Of Consciousness and Flashbacks


He is locked in the embrace
Of arms pale
In comparison
To bold eyes
When locked like a mirror
Cracked but kintsugi
With silver not golden
Days spent searching
For the crown of keratin
Bathed in dwindling sunlight
Of a trillion stars
Cannot match the will
Power of one unbroken
By streams of time
Spent in dreams
Digging through the earth
To pop through and build
A tiered skyscraper
When at the top
There is a view 
Port to realities
Wished upon
Clouds weighing lighter than air
I ran out of whenever I saw
Your face.

you know I probably shouldn’t have posted that… certain people that have ban powers might get angry

Star Conflict makes me want to die

come with me and drink the kool-aid.


Good prose poetry.


Well-formed and clearly thought out.


Also, clever rhyme.


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