Plus de connection SC depuis Arc


Since the 1.5.3 update I was able to play right after the download and update but since I left the game I can not run it anymore …?
I thought the problem was coming from the ARC Launcher but the support told me that it was not in their domain and turned to Gaijin.
Now when I launch the game, the procedure stops on the Arc window (on the Star Conflict launch page), I click on the “play” button the Arc window disappears to return 7 seconds later and so on … . ???
NB: I have 2 pc on Windows10 (Acer, Asus) who are concerned by the same problem
I started the repair procedure … it still does not work.
On one of my 2 pc (Acer) I uninstalled everything and reinstalled … it still does not work.

Since I could not launch the game without going through ARC I installed the launcher that sent me the support.
GREAT!! with this launcher I was able to run the game from the install folder … but …
ARF !! go through Arc still remains impossible the problem persists.

What happens step by step:

  1. I run my ArcLauncher

  2. Normally I will have to have the Play window of Star Conflict but it is the one of Arc which is displayed …? I click on “Play” the window disappears

  3. 4-5 seconds after the same window comes back (with at the top right the waiting symbol which is constantly rotating)

Re-click on “Play” and it starts again in loop …

For info if it can help, I think the code was not fully interpreted before the launch of the game, I noticed that we could not leave Arc through the X

of the window while now it is possible (disappears from the taskbar but stays in the bar of active applications)


Images and Repport dxdiag in uploaded rar



Probleme Launcher.rar


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Is there trouble now?