Please sign if you do not like being low score all the time

I like to see who gets low scores in PVE team efforts all the time, please sign if you are one of them. I know I am!


Noone is bothered about score in PVE. Success is what counts.


What ship are you using for this PvE?


I had low scores in the beginning, now I most of the times have top scores (1st place) (guard or engi)


Use frigates at max rank possible and you will get top scores (if you play correctly), just be patient and have fun doing so.


aaand, I really don’t care how much I score, credits are more important in PVE

I don’t care about score in pve. It’s the shiny purple kit at the end that matters :smiley:

When I do PvE with random players, I find that I tend to get top of the list, since nobody really ever bothers to do objectives, which give out the most points. But when I do PvE with a squad, I tend to get either the last or second to last score, since I tend to play support instead of carry when I know other people do objectives.


Still, low scores don’t matter too much to me – it’s all about the credits.

it’s all about the credits.


It’s all about that bass credits.


I used all of mine in the victory day sale,