Please Help with my destroyer Procyon build

First, here is my build.















Note that this is my second account when I forgot my password of my current account.

Now I use this account as main to test destroyer build.




My goal of this build is to conduct aggresive close supporter and tanker.

This build is really good at Beacon Hunt Mode. (At my guess)

I get close to beacon and use gravitional lens when we are outnumbered to slow down their capture speed.

Also I use blaster turret to sue off some tricky intercepters.

Plus, I use Halo launcher and photon emitter to deal damage.


I used 3/2/2/2/0 Build

to maximize speed,

to minimize energy bleeding, (That’s why I used 3rd 8lv synergy)

and to increase toughness.


I use heavy repair drones, to hold the line longer, since static shield does not ensure blocking all damages at close range combat.


Now here goes my questions:


  1. What do you guys think about this build? Is this build valid at R11 and R14 destroyer?


  1. I found out that there are 2 EM dmg dealing weapons. First, halo launcher and second, G’Thar’Du.

What is the differences between those two weapons?


  1. If this build is bad, what do you suggest for PvP destroyer build?


and lastly here are my results for this build in PvP.










I would highly recommend the Meson cannon for your kind if playstyle. The Halo Launcher does in theory good damage with the Photon, but you wont be able to to hit most ships. The halo launcher is incredibly harmless to anything smaller than a frigate. The Meson on the other hand is devastating in mid-close range engagements. Its also far better at defending your ship and suppression fire.


If you use the Meson, it is advisable to use the r3 bottom implant and/or an Electronic Guidance on a cpu slot.


Furthermore federation destroyers have the ability to spawn 3 drones. So, a fast build with lots of hull resistance is to be favoured to maximize your endurance.


This will be a mid-close range ship. Gravi Lens can trap you and annoy your own team. Replacing it with, for example, a Pyro, Tempest or, even better for a close range ship, a Repelling Beam will likely  yield better results.


Also make sure to have enough energy regeneration to keep your afterburners and modules going.  ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)



As for the Gthardu: it wirks similar to the Halo, only that it doesn’t have a radiation cloud. It creates small gravi lenses on impact and has larger projectiles. I don’t recommend it for pvp.

WARNING: Brutal analysis. 



You may have been better off theorycrafting before you built so you could be advised on slot arrangement. The positional elements you are playing toward are going to be easily dealt with by most dessie with a Horizon mod, as you’re in the least ‘beating-proof’ dessie as is so rather than raw speed you should be pushing for manuverability (at a range you can use it to evade fire).

To be clear, I’m not saying you can’t use it, but it’s down to your skill advantage to win because your ship won’t give you one.

r9-11 Halo launcher blue shoots to 4250m. With one white horizon it shoots to 4972 and with two white 5550. A single blue Horizon mod shoots to 5313 for comparison.

If you have a 4250m gun and he has a 5550 gun, both doing about 2.5k effective DPS, enemy will have about 5 seconds of free shooting at you before you’re in range. With meson or gthar that means about 15k ehp gone, assuming you are actually heading at full pelt toward them when they start, or 30 to 50k if not. That’s up to a quarter of your tank, and for comparison a dual splitter archon without a for-ship crew has around 250k without even an EM resist module. That’s only two slots on shield tank and most have 3.

Because of this I still think it’s too speed focused. I’d drop the catalyst for a shared cooler, rock hot mesons and double verniers to try and warp drop right on top of dessies. To add to what’s already here in another way, do try to focus on that EM resist because at range literally nothing else is going to have a small enough weapon spread to hit you for good damage.

Also I will add that Mesons are great up close but useless at any range wirthout Eguides, again why at least 1 CPU slot is quite important.


Your play style with this ship has to be talked about to get fully



Thx for your advises.

I will revise and ask you again.