Playing in squad - completely messed up

Me and a friend got all excited to play this awesome game with eachother. We’re both Tier2 aaaaaaaand the game begins… 

Tier3 frigates 10k away from the battlefield completely annihilating everything. The whole game just becomes a repetitive blabber of “WARNING, MISSILE INCOMING” or a barrage of snipers. 
Our excitement turned into just a silent realization that we’re better off playing separately… the game is completely broken when you mix all the Tiers 1–3 up. It’s just completely unplayable. 

Either our team or the enemy team annihilates the opposite team with the Tier 3 ships. 


I believe squads should only be able to be formed by same Tier ships in order to avoid mixing all these together in one giant mess. It’s an easy solution and would truly open the game up for cooperative play. 

Seems more like an unlucky matchmaking.

Since the opening to steam users, the matchmaking is pretty fair, due to the larger audience. And this kind of match that once was usual is barely seen nowadays.

Seems to me like you should both get into some faster ships and double-team that missile boat that can’t defend himself alone against x2 behind an asteroid.

If you fly in a squad the highest ship of the squad matters.