players playing in arcade gets into sector battle (what??)

hey guys, i was in sector battle, the sector jericho is attacking federation on, that sector going on now. so i vent in battle, and i see my friend there, and guess what faction he was using, he was in empire, wich cannot join that sector battle, he said he vent into normal arcade battle and ended upp in a sector battle that hes faction is not even possible to play, so everyone going in arcade gets randomly set into sector battle. this is kinda messed upp 

i just spoke to him right after and he vent into arcade with empire faction, and he ends upp in a sector battle between federation and jericho . wtf?

Could it be that he has contracts running for the Federation or Jericho ? 

Edit: Said better here [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/19341-sector-conquest-formulasalgorithms/)