Players incorrectly matched

Something is wrong about matchmaker.

There are games, where pilots with few battles and R5 ships are matched against veterans with thousands of matches with full R9 lineup.






I like the idea to an extent due to fast queue times but somedays its just bad. ecm going in by itself to try to take on a destroyer (just annoying). no one is capping beacons, people trying to kill the captain before its time (happened to me, 3 tacklers kept coming after me while I was using command and they do little to nothing to me but kept coming after me anyway, inevitably that team lost due to them dying evertime they pursue me). I am currently trying to get my pilot rating up due to doing only pve when I started playing and I finally get it around 7500-8000 and then go do the broker missions for r14 destroyers and a bad day brings my PR down to 7000 due to bad team. I could go on but you get the idea…