player Zsulci83hun from ISHUN corp

Today on Ellydium plant raid level 10 and 15 for iridium this guy was on purpose choosing lower levels.


Now a few questions:


  1. Do they teach you about ‘respect’ in Hungary?

  2. Does the ISHUN corp CEO know this guy mocks the other 3 team mates, on purpose, repeatedly?

  3. on the 1st run he chose level 9 (!) knowing the other team mates wer asking for 10, for iridium. Ok, first mocking. On the 2nd run, he chose level 8. All these considering he ran them on a Zeta level 10, so obviously this wasn’t a hard level for him.

  4. it seems imperative that someone in ISHUN train this guy about ‘fair-play’. For his parents have failed.

  5. What kind of block can you give haters like this one? If you only ignore him, it’s no use. An ‘ingore’ should mean not meeting him again in random pve. For he will do the same and ruin the gameplay for the whole team. This means wasting everyone’s time.


Or maybe it would be a good idea to make a top of non-fairplay users, just like karma style, from +5 to -5? And when he goes negative, let’s say he could wait 10 minutes or more to enter a mission?




The fault lies within the way the pve lvl is chosen. It really should be a majority vote. I could also think of a system, which chooses the average selected level.

Majority would be nice for squads of less than 4. Average could be either great or bad depending on how it’s implemented. Might wanna let players chose something like 5 levels above their cap to make average work.

There could be level choosing before mission start.

For example when i click on PVE mission I in this time choose level and then i will play with players which chosen at least similar level.

Find group -> type PvE -> Description: Def contract lvl 20+