Player stovoujo a afk leecher

I advise some one to check him out, 9 games hes been just sitting at spawn turning around shooting lasers at nothing. Every time he does this every game and does not do anything to help in battle, cap, or anything that could change who will win the game, I bet this person is just farming gold from each match while he dozes of and sleeps.

Correction: his name is stovoju.


a leecher in CBT?

that is HONESTLY discouraging

bumping so this issue will be resolved and discussed for future cases

Great. Let’s start the witch hunt.

I’m being sarcastic btw. Have you considered that perhaps he’s testing controls and weapon loadouts? Have you in fact spoken to him at all, or did you just trip over yourself in your haste to REPORT THAT GUY TO THE MODS FOR MAKING ME LOSE GAMES

I am honestly disgusted by the OP. I for one don’t want to be involved in a community that is so eager to turn on itself for such trivial reasons.

Thanks for the report.

We are doing our post to prevent such things I will see if I can do something, but for that I need to get some proofs.