Play fair!



Greetings, pilots!


Over the past week, UMC specialists have recorded many cases of unfair play in a special contract from the Broker in the “Curse of the Leviathan” brawl.


The UMC promotes fair play and respect for both rivals and allies. We remind you that in order to create a comfortable environment for interesting battles, there are rules that should be followed by every pilot.


With this message, the UMC wants to remind you that unsportsmanlike behavior, and in particular:

  • Using bugs or vulnerabilities in game mechanics to gain a personal benefit or an unfair advantage.
  • Sabotage of battle, including: intentionally causing damage to the team members, multiple self-destruction, refuse to inflict damage to the opponent, help in any form to the opponent team, including disclosure of coordinates and locations of teammate forces.
  • Coordination with the opponent team in order to predetermine the match outcome in advance.

prohibited by the rules of the game universe.


We want to prevent violations, not take action against violators. However, in case of repeated violations, these measures will have to be taken!

Play fair and respect other players.



Star Conflict Team.