Plasmaburster 17 MK.5 where to find?

Hey does anyone know where I can find the Plasmaburster 17 MK.5 blueprint? I would be so thankful I’ve been looking for it for so long

you can find all MK5 blueprint in open space.
with scanner spatial or killing enclave’s pirates (see map, if need, zoom it to see where are the skulls, all pirates are here)
But, some weapon can’t be unlocked with blueprint… only iridium or credits. About Plasma burster, not sure if there’s blueprint… in this case, you can see that, looking the weapon and clic on “upgrade”

Thank you very much for your answer, I’ve been killing pirates for over 2 weeks and have already found many blueprints, Plasmaburster 12 Mk.5 was also there, but unfortunately not Plasmaburster 17 Mk.5.

I’m just wondering if certain blueprints drop from pirates in certain areas, or if all blueprints can drop anywhere.

all blueprints can drop anywhere with scanner spatial (except Empire sectors, don’t ask me why:/), and only pirates’s enclave will give you on their aeras.

Unfortunately I don’t have a spatial scanner :stirwning: do you know if all blueprints can fall in all pirate sectors? Or just specific blueprints in specific sectors? (when killing pirates because they also drop blueprints)

any blueprints can fall in all pirate’s enclave sectors, there’s no specifics blueprint in specifics sectors :slight_smile:

Oh thank you very much for your answer, then I will continue to kill pirates diligently

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you are welcome, good luck :slight_smile: