Plasma Gun nerf!

You are doing wrong. In a ceptor, you should always attack an enemy who is NOT aware that you are closing in. If the LRF is looking at your direction, then look for another target.


Concerning the plasma gun. The problem with this weapon has been the several recent buffs to spread, damage AND projectile speed, which have made possible the use of supernova ammo on it without any drawback (you have almost 2500 projectile speed in a bonused cov ops…) 


So in the end, you are able to dish a lot of damage, from a respectable distance. Mix it with orion, pinpoint accuracy and the new aimbot module from open world, and you will find it quite good.


At least with RFB supernova you need to be close to avoid spread, but with plasma gun, you can snipe from outside pulsar / facetorp range and deliver 2000 em damage ticks under orion each .5 seconds.


Most of us thought that the gun shall be reverted to its previous “long range, low dps” model

I won’t say you are wrong. I will say they had to do something more because vs hull the old design was useless.

I don’t understand why plasma at millions of degrees is bad vs hull. I don’t know a metal that wouldn’t melt in a star.

I will admit that increasing the damage output by 40% may have been a bit much. Though maybe they just didn’t see everyone switching to supernova…

While I still want my extra range back, as it stands it is still on balance with the other ships. Every ship type has strengths. Covert Opts is doing continuous high damage at short range, with maneuverability.

“By the time you reach them your shield is already weak/gone” im sorry,but do you fly in a straight line and charge at them?

first, straight lines are the fastest. Second, no, not straight lines, but if you just swerve crazily you’re not exactly getting anywhere, and as you stray into range, again, you’re going to be hit quite a lot since it will take forever to get within a realistic range for getting out of a swerving approach.

If you’re really going for damage, get something for close range. If the problem would’ve been people with supernova, then at range it’s pretty hard to hit anyone with that a lot, and keep in mind, this isn’t just some weapon, it’s the longest range into weapon,and now optimal range is a hair above 2km.

Except Plasma gun had a stupidly high DPS for a 3km Interceptor weapon.


edit: In my opinion, I would like to see the old plasma gun. It has very average damage but a good RoF. 



There’s no need to say how fun the weapon looked compared to the one we have nowdays, wich is absolutely boring Imo.

That does look cool! Anyways, the dps of plasma gun isn’t that high, and the point is for it to be a 3km weapon, and now it’s not. There are plenty of other short-range high-damage weapons, we don’t need a slightly-longer-range weapon.