Plasma Arc description

“Generates a powerful arc that deals 3300 thermal damage per sec. to all enemy ships in range for 3 sec.”


Listed stats:


120 en.

48 sec.



Nowhere in all of that does it list the actual range for damage. Would be great if the attack range, or intended method of attack was listed.

Also quite interested.


a “detailed tooltips” option is a must for the future…

Did a bit of testing and it’s under 500 meters from what can tell. Intended method of attack is probably to sneak behind the guy and deliver a 10000+ damage payload over 3 seconds while firing (it must be aimed). Frigate buster / Backstab module. Working well for me in conjunction with adaptive Camo.

Thanks for the input!  Been trying this thing out but for the life of me I can’t get consistent pulses of damage from it… Half the time it never seems to pulse any dmg, other times the frig pops but in the mayhem I can’t tell if it was just me, someone sniped the poor soul, or the stupid module actually did it’s job. Assume by your mention of “must be aimed” that it’s targeted where your crosshairs are.

The module’s range is 120 metres, the description will be fixed in the next update.

awesome thanks!

I do damage with it @ 300 Meters.

CensoredbyAdmin and I have tested the range. Full discussion found here: [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/19624-module-question-plasma-arc-range/?p=201719)

The module’s range is 120 metres, the description will be fixed in the next update.

Fixed what? change the 120m discription to 300 or change the range to 120m?

What they fixed since that was a post from APRIL and its JUNE is they added a range to it… albeit the wrong range. Follow the link for the detailed researched information about plasma arc.

I apologize for putting forward misleading information, but the 120 m. range was the range that I got from the team. Apparently, they got it wrong. Rest assured, I will look into the problem once more and do my best to clarify the situation.

Hwistler, follow Zeik’s link in the post, we already got all the information needed. :slight_smile: