** Our special correspondent reports a new daring attack on a merchant convoy by a group of unidentified ships. Remember, this is the third incident in the last month. At the moment, very little is known, but our sources in the research fleet command claim that the unknown attackers were piloting modified ships! Could this be true? Hear all about this incident and other news - in our evening edition! **

Special Edition of the “Federation Bulletin” dated 4613.07.02

Pirates. Corsairs. Privateers… they go by many names. Once they were storming the seas, and with humanity’s progress into space the have become an even more formidable threat.
As soon as new opportunities to capitalize on arise, there are people out there who want to get their cut the esasy way. What happened in the Precursors sectors is something that was happening over and over again in human history — following the advance of the three races and corporation traders came the cosmic predators — pirates.

At first, they were divided and hostile to each other, but not so long ago, two of the most violent groups were able to subdue most of the pirate gangs in the Imperial and the Federation spaces. Rumours still insist that this was supported by the highest echelons of power of the two races.

As you know, our game will soon feature new ships — pirate ships. When you check out the updated ship tree, you will find new aggressive ships modified by the engineers of Privateers and Shadows. But what are these groups?


Privateers are very dangerous and skilled opponents, whose complicated lives led them to live the pirate way. Privateer engineers prefer to use Federation ships and turn them into incredibly efficient killing machines. However, not everyone can access the best modifications — respect in their environment is worth more than life itself. However, after the discovery of one of their bases, some of the Privateer ships hit the black market!


Shadows are one of the most well-organized pirate clans rumored to enjoy the support of the Emperor himself. Ready to run the most complex and “dirty” jobs, Shadows prefer Imperial technology, improved on their own secret shipyards. Their ships are fast, deadly and have a menacing appearance, demoralizing the enemy.

So, both these groups have their own unique ships, and they can use them just as well as professional soldiers from the fleets of the three races. The reason for their appearance on the black market is unknown, but now you have the opportunity to experience them in action! Do you want to see whether you fit the role of a ”Seasoned Space Wolf” and take the helm of a pirate ship? With our new DLC, your wish is granted!


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