Pirates Bounty

Hi all, i’ve been playing for some time now if u need any tips or support don’t hesitate to ask SilverFox

happy hunting I do Main t2 despite it being kindergarten…   :stuck_out_tongue:


1 its way faster to get into a battle…


2 the game play seems faster paced…


3 And most importantly my fav ship is in t2  


I do play t3 quite successfully too See u out there…


Also some Pro tips  :taunt:  for the rookies


Watch for the BIG GLOWING SIGN “YOU ARE THE TEAM CAPTAIN” lot of face palm if u don’t And go rushing in and F it OR choose a FKN LRF. easy escape in that situation just dc for a bit get coffee slap yourself  try Again :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t choose A Fkn Long Range ship as cap either if u ain’t like Death star status Don’t even try too 

 Be warned…pos :smoke:


Play with the Team. Help a buddy out Two is always better then one in every situation Even if he or she is a stranger it just makes sense in this game


Ion beam is your friend Kiss it love it Works even better with a few Beers


Don’t be scared to go back to the main area :dntknw: Even if being chased by A swarm of homo interceptors  NOT TODAY wink wink bring them back to Where the general fleet is or spawn point is (We all do it GET lost then feel heat that is)but Remember to get back to the team fast. this after all is where the points are my friends Getting lost is fine but no excuse.It is but best to get into the habit of working as a fleet


 Its when you stray to far from the OBJECTIVE Chasing THAT UBER KILL or AFk or generally being useless that gets u notice and chances are that will get shot down By me :learn:  or my Friend for being so…  


Positions POSITIONS position can not be stressed enough… don’t be like all :kamikadze:  Enter And Exit strategy Stay tight Look for the Objective setup anticipate Then prep the next Objective

Don’t waste time Looking at the cool Planets or Asteroid Belt( Weed doesn’t help this) Use those BIG beautiful EYES :what: To Scout up ahead and work out how the flow is. there in most cases 7-10 kms out   zig zagging is not only fun but essential for dodging sniper fire in between check points Be a pain to them. also the move my mouse in a circle motion move is also less boring but  with the same effect Don’t make it easy for them That’s my point…


LOVE YOUR RADAR IT WANTS YOU TO LOOOK AT IT seriously :angry:  get used to it till u can god dam play off of the thing just by looking the radar alone Hope this help out a lil

HAPPY DAYS :bomber:






So do you main t2? that’s weird considering your good stats. T2 is like the new T1… not even worth to play in that kindergarten.